Les Eaux Primordiales is a Perfume House built on the foundations of traditional Great Perfumery. Its vocation is to offer unisex fragrances that redefine what contemporary classics can provide as innovative by using olfactory families that are sometimes forgotten and reinvented in a new concept: timelessness in motion.

We want to create emotions capable of bringing body and soul closer together, of being an imaginary complement to the personality, of creating a world of one's own.
There is in this collection of hyper-concentrated juices, a departure from the solifloral rule which is often the norm in niche perfumery, like a timelessness in motion, a return to the essentials, to harmonious shapes, an assumed respect for academic codes sometimes punctuated by a few instinctive dissonances. These compositions are smart, studious, casual, classic and then suddenly, something joyfully shakes everything up to make the random poetry of sensations speak.

"These perfumes, full of ease and comfort, have this gift of incensing the personality and ultimately elevating the look"

Lionel Paillès - Journalist Specialized in Perfumes