Le Manifesto



An Eau Primordiale fragrance becomes unique the moment it encounters its wearer.
To wear it is to express it. To wear it is to express yourself.
Merging craftsmanship and a revolutionary creative approach, Arnaud Poulain has invented a physical process that imparts this vibrancy. For this inventor, the dream is the starting point. The dream then gives way to transcendence. This is followed by a constantly renewed and sensitive creative pathway that shapes a radically original product.
"You don’t create a fragrance. You invent a fragrance”.
In these words, Arnaud Poulain explains the genesis of his collections which he invites us to re-enact.
In the crucible of craftsmanship, rooted in the black lands of Northern France, La Manufacture is fired by powerful yet discreet expertise.
Here, every stage in the conception of a fragrance is supported by high precision mechanics.
Once released, the fragrance comes into its own and is invented on its wearer, like rebellious chemistry, a song of particles, the expression of pure life.
It's a story that surprises us, a dream that is almost tangible.
As Arnaud Poulain says: “living life means taking your dreams by surprise”.