Arnaud Poulain


Arnaud Poulain was born in Arras in 1986. He was raised by a family of artisans, in the country. His father was a metalworker, his uncle a carpenter and his grandparents farmers who handed down their values of hard work and craftsmanship. As a teenager, he was fascinated by science and studied mechanical engineering. In 2007, he discovered fragrances. It was a matter of love at first scent. He started his formal training in Lens where he learnt the groundwork of the perfumer’s profession. In his first olfaction lessons, he realised that he had a highly developed sense of smell. There he met Amélie Bourgeois, who became his mentor and who still supports him today in the technical elaboration of his fragrances.

After long experience in independent perfumery, he founded Les Eaux Primordiales in 2015. Hyperactive, inquisitive and demanding, he shows boundless creativity and does not hesitate to shake up the established codes of perfumery to serve unforgettable olfactory experiences.

A visionary artist, engineer and lover of the earth, he uses his many talents to fashion his fragrances as genuine works of art. His inspiration is sparked by a stream of consciousness: childhood reminiscences or emotions in reaction to a work of art. The perfumer uses his visual memory to breathe life into his olfactory creations. Painting, photography, and the emotions they conjure up, endlessly fuel his creativity. His constant quest for excellence and authenticity drives him in a never-ending innovative process. This craftsman of dreams carries in his wake ambitious plans for the future of Les Eaux Primordiales.
At the Origins of Dreams:
Dive into the heart of this first chapter, in which he sincerely reveals his unique career path, and shares his philosophy with us. Perhaps this will inspire us to delve into our own dreams and sublimate our ambitions.