After the success of the Milan edition in April, our sensory installation EXPÉRIENCES IMMOBILES created in collaboration with the design studio DWA was installed at the Paris Design Week, Galerie Joseph.
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For the 2nd year in a row, Les Eaux Primordiales was installed in the Galeries Lafayette Champs Elysées in a timeless space, taking visitors from the in depths oceans to the universe. Our very first Extrait de Parfum: VANILLE SUPERMASSIVE was unveiled through a multi sensory experience.


For this edition of Milan Design Week, Les Eaux Primordiales have created an olfactory and sensory installation in collaboration with DWA Design Studio, and present Expériences Immobiles which invite visitors to dive into their sensory world.

It welcomes visitors in a timeless location enhanced by two laboratory towers designed by DWA Design Studio and inspired by the aesthetics of industrial buildings in Northern France. Their geometric shape is reminiscent of the factory chimneys once in use which the creator of Les Eaux Primordiales, Arnaud Poulain, would admire as a child.

 The wooden structure is placed on a carpet featuring the microcosmic visuals of Tania and Vincent.

This installation gives visitors a unique sensory experience. The first tower appears as a labyrinth of stills where all the essences that make up the latest perfume of Les Eaux Primordiales unfurl: Cèdre SUPERFLUIDE. The other tower, composed of glass bulbs and mechanical fans, places the visitor in the centre of a unique olfactory device that contains kurinuki sculptures created by Natascia Fenoglio and infused with perfume through a process similar to sublimation.

“DWA has perfectly expressed my vision of Les Eaux Primordiales with a concept that brings together my three passions: architecture, design and fragrance. This structure also pays tribute to the work of Bernd and Hilla Becher who captured and immortalized the beauty of industrial architecture”, explained Arnaud Poulain.

*Kurinuki is a traditional Japanese craft technique. Its immediate meaning is "carving", in particular using a block of solid clay cut to create an "interior space". It is a more sculptural approach to clay work where the interior of the piece is just as important as the exterior.

 Frederik De Watcher (DWA Studio Design), Arnaud Poulain and Alberto Artesani (DWA Studio Design) 

Expériences Immobiles won the Fuorisalone jury prize for the best interactive installation.