La Genèse



A term borrowed from Jules Verne in "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea," les eaux primordiales (primordial waters) are the first signs of life on Earth. Envisioned as a homecoming, combining expertise, innovation and authenticity, Arnaud Poulain naturally turned to his homelands, near Arras, Northern France, to establish La Manufacture of perfumes. From the design of the fragrance with Amélie Bourgeois through to bottling, the whole process is hosted at La Manufacture.

The inspiration for and design of Les Eaux Promordiales are shaped by the industrial heritage of Northern France and science and art in all their forms. In particular, the work of the couple of German photographers, Bernd and Hilla Becher.
Tania and Vincent, a couple of Parisian photographers, are tasked with the visual identity of Les Eaux Primordiales. Their graphic and colourful world is perfectly in tune with the brand.

The values embodied by Arnaud Poulain and all his sources of inspiration make Les Eaux Primordiales a brand of the future, while steeped in history, where fragrances take us into a world of authenticity, inventiveness and transcendence.