Les Eaux Primordiales (The Primordial Waters) is a French niche perfume brand build on the foundations of the traditional "Great Perfumery".

Created by Arnaud Poulain, a young perfumer who worked for several years in the niche perfumery sector (Cinquième Sens - Différentes Latitudes) and in collaboration with Amélie Bourgeois (co-founder of fragrance studio Flair Paris), its mission is to offer timeless, innovative fragrances that redefine contemporary classics with the use and reinvention of sometimes forgotten olfactory families. Atemporality in movement.

Les Eaux Primordiales want to create emotions able to make body and soul come closer to each other, to be an imaginary addition to one's persona, to create a world of one's own.

Arnaud's inspirations are deeply linked to his personal interests: from contemporay art, music, fashion, literature, even to pop culture.

This transversal approach brought to coexistence the writings of the great utopist Jules Verne, the photographic works of Bernd and Hilla Becher, and Howard Kettler's iconic Courier font.

The name

In a quest towards a fantasized neo-classical modernity, it's in Jules Verne’s book “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” that Arnaud encountered the words "the primordial waters". The waters where early life began, the foundations of any living organism on Earth.

The logo

A monogram combining the E and P initials, evoking both ancient times, tradition, classicism and the geometry and modernism of the Bauhaus school of design. It's said monograms may be older than writing itself. During Antiquity, they were used to sign medals, pieces of art, sculptures... They became a standard during the Middle Ages to replace signatures, be it for kings, popes, up until the 16th century.
Again, atemporality in movement.

The font

The IBM corporation mandated Howard Kettler to create a font that would be used on their typewriters. It would become the iconic Courier, now synonymous with simplicity, effectiveness and a certain idea of universality.

The bottle

The works of Bernd and Hilla Becher, a couple of German photographers, are an optical pilgrimage at the roots of the industrial world. They managed to extract the beauty of industrial architecture, which was paradoxically devoid of aesthetical intentions, and purely aimed towards practicality.
It was a series on coal silos that inspired the shape of the bottle.

The packaging

In this same industrial vein, the box is made of two massive blocks with special embossing technique used in the 16th century by book binders.

The juices

All fragrances are highly concentrated (20-25%), macerated for at least 45 days and only the highest quality ingredients have been used.

For any inquiry, please contact:

Arnaud Poulain

S.A.S Les Eaux Primordiales
+33 (0) 683 442 382